Tiny House South Africa

Tiny house South Africa.

Living tiny in South Africa

I know its a bit bold of me to say, Tiny house South Africa.But in truth when it came down to finding out if anyone else in South Africa had built a mobile tiny house no one had. And to top it off I am living in it and it is an extension of my self perfectly suited to my every need.

Building this tiny house has been the biggest adventure I have ever embarked on. It keeps allowing me to grow and discover new ways of living . It started out by just being a home for myself that would be able to move if I needed to. But what I have learnt on the journey has and still does keep me challenged and growing.

Learning new skills.

Some of the skills I learnt along the way have been carpentry and electrical , and it all came down to my need for power as the small holding that my home was parked on had no power or water on it . So I would need to install these systems myself , my budget was not that high and I could not afford to have others do the installation , so I did the next best thing which was to go onto you tube and get as much information as I could and then just learn along the way.

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And may my journey and experience inspire you to want to make your own life more sustainable .

Please contact me if you would like any information regarding costing or  design. Its not that difficult to build a tiny house or have one built but you are going to have to learn to live in a smaller space and with alot less stuff . There are however more positives than negatives and I hope to be able to share as much of these with you along the way.

Thank you.