Life is Art & Less is More

My Life is my Art Project.

I am Garth Ensley an Artist living sustainable in the Garden Route area of South Africa. My lifestyle is my evolving Art project and installation which I am sharing with all. I work teaching standup paddle boarding as well as doing some free style conscious guiding and odd jobs here and there.

But mostly I am a creative learning how to build , how to grow and how to live sustainable and creatively. My passions are The Tiny House movement and photography and videography which are being channelled into Vlogging. And of course building my own sustainable homestead which just happens to be on wheels.

These few things are keeping me inspired and moving forward.

The area that I live in is abundant in Nature and I use as much of it to keep my passions alive. I also do some Dance and some DJ’ing from time to time . I love to travel and India is a serious Love.

Living a FULL and playing the Fool l, Transparent and Divine and happy to share this life to any interested persons.

This website is my portfolio.

I hope you Enjoy

Life is ART , Less Is More.

Life is Art and Less is more , I know we have heard these things before but how many people apply these statements to their lives . I am learning to apply these principles to my life by choosing a more sustainable life style and would I love to be able to assist others so if Sustainable living or Tiny house living are things that you are interested in then welcome and I hope I can help you.

This is my portfolio of my living art project. What can I offer you , not much except for inspiration to start LIVING your own creative life.
I am not  saying that I know the way but I am most definitely finding my own way. A life abundant with all the fruits that this experience has to offer. If you like my way great but I am only sharing the experience by living it .

Check out different projects I have on the go like:

Tiny House South Africa.

My Motorcycle Adventures.

Art for Sale.

Hope you have a great visit please contact me if I can be of assistance.

Kindest regards.


Tiny House South Africa

Tiny house South Africa.

Living tiny in South Africa

I know its a bit bold of me to say, Tiny house South Africa.But in truth when it came down to finding out if anyone else in South Africa had built a mobile tiny house no one had. And to top it off I am living in it and it is an extension of my self perfectly suited to my every need. Continue reading “Tiny House South Africa”

Photographic Mandalas

Photographic Madalas

Creating Photo Mandalas.

I love taking photographs , one of the subjects that I loved viewing through a lens was reflections. I would always find puddles and very still ponds and take photos of the reflections. And this is how I have developed into these photographic Mandalas. The process is fun and quiet simple.

The images can be made from any of my own photos and then printed.


My Youtube Channel